Monday, April 21, 2008

Whodunit? (122)

i know what you're all thinking.
you're thinking that when the lights went out in the storm earlier, that anyone could have dunit.
but who? who would have had the means to dunit?
we all have motives.
ms. Pennypacker, you have hated Thurston since he bought and sold your families land all those years ago.
And you, Commodore Blinken! It wouldn't take that much to get you to dunit! Thurston stole you beloved Matilda from you at the alter!
why, even it had the opportunity to dun this murderous deed.
i think what must be done is that none of us should leave this house until the constable arrives. until then, i will conduct my very own investigation into tonight's dunning.
so, no one leave the mansion. not until we answer the question...


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