Sunday, April 20, 2008

Grandpa's attic

Two little boys were playing in their grandfather's attic when they
found a dusty old box. This box wasn't like any other box. It wasn't a
cardboard box. It was a plastic box. The older of the two boys picked
it up by its handle, and they both ran down stairs. Once down stairs
the younger brother insisted they open the box immediately. The older
brother complied. It was a very old typewriter. It didn't even need to
be plugged into the wall.

The boys dug around and found a piece of paper, and threaded it into
the machine. With very heavy claps, the typewriter clunked letters.
They took turns typing random letters when they discovered there was
no erase key. The typewriter also did not have correction tape. The
boys then decided that they would write a story with the typewriter,
but it would require them to think about it before hand since they
could not correct themselves. They decided to write a story about a
dark and stormy night. As they typed the words, "It was a dark and
stormy night." the sky began to darken outside their window, but they
did not notice. They also didn't notice when they typed that a meteor
shower bombarded the country side, that outside small things were
falling from the sky.


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