Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Crush.  Dance.  Embalm.  Reanimate.

This is our ethos.

Gorem sarctorum vix patrios.

O, Dark Malevolence.  Hear the pleas of 7,000 souls ripped from their husks.  Give us the powers of Undergods, cleft palate of the crows.  We cover our heads in dusty black shrouds for you.  You, the Uncreator.  You, the great Waylayer of the Horn of the backside of this unholy reality.  Come to us in all your dark forms.  The knee-deep black frogs, the bloodied vultures, the sludge snakes coated in sweat.

We huddle together in this pact, waiting.  We are the chosen.  Appear before us. 

C’mon!  We’ve been listening to “Pretty Hate Machine” and the 1st Bauhaus album over and over for the past week.  Hurry up!  I’m missing school for this!



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