Saturday, May 17, 2008


Mayor Ken Koogler spent most of his term wearing a Mexican wrestler mask.  He called it a tribute to the Latino community of the town.  Most of the people didn’t buy.  Especially the Latinos.  After he was ousted, videotapes were carefully analyzed.  It was discovered that most press conferences were actually attended by his younger brother, Skip, wearing the mask.  Unbelievable that no one noticed before. 

Construction on the domed stadium, the racetrack and the mega-casino/waterpark had already started by the time he’d been run out of town.  All the nutball ideas that somehow got passed through after he’d disappeared got traced back to decisions that Skip had actually made.  Which begged the question, “Would the building of the world’s largest mini-golf course continue even though it was approved by a government official that was never elected?” 

The answer to that question is as sad as you think it would be.



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