Friday, June 6, 2008


She sucks you off while she sits in a baby stroller.


C’mon.  What?


Yeah, that’s part of the service she provides.


I don’t go for that.  No thanks.


What, you don’t like getting blown by a gorgeous woman?


It’s the baby stroller I have a problem with!


You’re not getting blown by an actual baby!  She’s of age!


I, uh . . . I don’t care.  That creeps me out.  Sorry, but I’m not doing that.


Damn, for somebody who lives in LA you’re a fucking prude.


I didn’t grow up in this fucking stinkhole.  I’m from Goddamned Wisconsin and I’m not a prude!  Look, I agreed to do this picture, but I wasn’t aware that you’d be adding scenes like this!


Fine, fine.  What if we put a mask on you?  I’ve got a mask in the costume shop.  Nobody would know it was you getting head from the baby.


You just said it wasn’t a baby!!!


It’s not!  It’s not!  The girl!  The hot, busty woman!  While she blows you, while she’s in the stroller, you’re wearing a mask!


What kind of, uh . . . what kind of mask?


Deputy Dog?


Now, that I like!



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