Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Yes, it's about you! (79)

I sat there watching WGN and thinking back to when i was younger.
when i was a boy, WGN was Chicagoland's very own channel 9.
now, it was national.
to show that they were a hip new contender, this week each prime time night was a block of the good stuff-classic seventies hits that Nick at Night and T.V Land had forgotten all about.
Monday was Mary Tyler Moore. Tuesday was One Day at a time. Tonight was Taxi.
I love Taxi. especially the music by Bob James.
The episode I happened upon was about how Latka had become tired of being pushed around so he created an alter ego, Vic Ferrari.
But Vic was a bit of a jerk.
No one liked him.
in the final scene, Vic visited Alex in order to try and remember who Latka was. when he arrived at the apartment, there was a beautiful piece of Bob James music playing.
That song, if I'm not mistaken, was Night moods- track nine from the album of Music Bob put out in honor of the series.
track nine, Adam!
man, it would have been beautiful to finish that episode and then listen to the entire album, especially track ten, Angela (the taxi theme) but i couldn't, could I?
It's not available on Amazon, and even if it was, why would I spend more money!?


Anonymous Adam said...

Wow...that was the most surreal experience ever.

June 10, 2008 at 10:16 AM  

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