Sunday, June 29, 2008


               Yeah, you might’ve seen me around.  I don’t know.  It’s been a while now.

            I used to be hot shit, but I let myself go.  I don’t if you know this, but they don’t just have weigh-ins.  They have “height-ins.”  Yeah.  They weigh you, but you also got to fit the height requirements.  I mean, I was fit back then.  Sure.  I was doing those Deal-A-Meal cards, I tried an early, experimental version of lypo.  All this shit just so I was fit enough.  I even did a stint in the Himalayas.  Climbed mountains up and down.  Let me tell you.  If you ever get a hair up your ass to climb a mountain, don’t hire sherpas.  Those guys are assholes.  Least the ones with me were.  All but one of them.  Shi-Lok-Di-Loki or some shit.  I’m butchering his name, but he was one of the only good ones.  But even he turned into a dick when the other sherpas got wind that he was being nice to me.

            Yeah, I was fit back then.  Rode this horse called Saigon Mambo.  Pretty decent horse, I guess.  But that thing sandbagged if I wasn’t the one riding him.  You know Ben O’Grady?  Best of the lot.  But even he couldn’t get this horse to keep pace.  Me, I turned that animal into biological lightning.  But that’s what you do in that line of work.  You make the horse into something better than it is.

            I don’t know.  You might’ve seen me at the track.  These days I just go there to cry.  I’ve been through some horrible shit and I can only let it out in the stands.

            But, yeah, I’m just going this now.

            So, what’s it going to be?  You thinking of something smaller or go with what you have on?  



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