Friday, June 27, 2008


Duke, Sacco and Crutch waited in the alley that split up the Holsterum building and Mum’s Upscale Grocery.  They sat on Mum’s embankment, smoking and brushing off their suits.  Sacco spent most of the time pushing down the bandage on his forehead.  He went over his lines over and over while he and the other guys peered down the alley at bypassing students from Holsterum.  Duke and Crutch’s eyes split attention between the muttering Sacoo and the locked door across the alley from them.

            “It’ll open.  I know it,” Crutch said.

            “Well, staring a hole through it won’t get any results,” Duke replied.

            “What are we supposed to do then?” Crutch asked in a panic.

            “We wait in Pally’s Alley 'til Philly brings the Jew’s key,” Sacco said walking up while ditching a cig.

            “Well, we could look a little more conspicuous,” Duke belted.

            “I’d like you to say that when Philly gets here,” Sacco replied.  He turned from the other two and glanced up the alley.

            “Like to see you say that,” he repeated.

It started to drizzle and the three of them sought refuge under the Mum’s parking deck.  The day turned to night, the rain settled in pavement cracks, Sacco went through the rest of his pack, Crutch finished seven sticks of gum and Philly never showed.



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