Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Nowon, the enigmatic frontman of Queasy Yakuza, was clearly diminishing from not only the band, but also the public spotlight and his own life.


When his bandmates in QY couldn’t take his schizophrenic ramblings and distancing techniques, they decided not to ring him up for that infamous Nowon-less gig at the Harrison Auditorium.


After that, the Yakuza reached new heights of success with their first non-Nowon album, “Cupboard of Calamity.”


Nowon’s solo career stalled after one self-titled album.  Following this monumental flop, he took up his first love:  painting.  But as Queasy Yakuza took off into more daring and lucrative directions, Nowon became more disenchanted with his own happiness outside of the band.


He was found in his garage – dead – with the car running.  This was the same day that “Cupboard” went multi-platinum.



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