Tuesday, July 1, 2008


He’d been around her for months and this was the first time he’d noticed that she had toe-pointers.  It was just cold enough that day on the porch and her nipples shown through her blouse and the thick, black cardigan.  He’d glanced there before, hoping they’d make an appearance, but when they came out to play that day, he’d noticed that they were pointing almost straight down.


He wasn’t sure what he thought of that.  They weren’t dating or anything.  She was married and he had a girlfriend.  Both happy in their separate lives.  No doubt she thought of him away from the porch as much as he thought of her.  In passing.


But if realities were different, he didn’t know if he could stare at her toe-pointers for the rest of his life.


Yes, he was superficial.



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