Tuesday, July 1, 2008

With out internet multiple days

I make this as my last journal entry you will ever see. I had thought
that my planning was perfect, but alas, even I can not plan for
everything. While you read this a poison has started to creep into
your blood stream. You will be dead before you finish this entry. You
might as well not stop now. I have it in your head that you will live
to the end of my tail. In a pathetic attempt to prolong your life you
will start to read even slower. Not that this will help, but you will
still try. I have a feeling that your palms have started to sweat, and
this only helps to speed the process.
By now the poison has started to work on you. Your mouth starts to
water, and your nose starts to run. I need to go to the bathroom. Hold
on. Don't go dieing on me.

Followed closely with:

I saw a bank robbery the other day. Well, I thought it was a bank
robbery. I am positive it was a bank robbery, but Amberly didn't
believe me. We were walking down the street, and I looked into a
window. It struck me rather funny because the only thing I saw was a
head dropping below a counter. I quickly looked at the logo on the
side of the building noticing it was bank. Along with the shady
internal activity there was a guy parked right outside the bank in a
running car. Oh yeah, said car was also in a fire zone. Shady? Yes it

A robbery?


Did Amberly think so? Nope.

Oh well.


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