Wednesday, August 6, 2008


how do you fold the unecessary into something that people are convinced they need?
thats the question of entertainment.
me? all i need is a dream, a smile from a nice young lady, and a bag of mortimer's promise Sunflower seeds.
Mortimer's promise are made from the best sunflowers on earth, Michigan Sunflowers (trademark)
they grown with thr finest dirt, the best manure, and just a hint of stem cells for that Mortimer's snap you've come to know and love.
and every bag of Mortimer's promise sunflower seeds you buy , a dollar goes to the foundation for clean living.
the foundation for clean living is devoted to ridding America of all those brownish nonenglish speaking types that have muddied up the gene pool for far too long.
Mortimer's Promise- make a load of happy in your mouth today.


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