Wednesday, August 22, 2007


REAL NAME: Theodore Pinson

OCCUPATION: Geographer, Sonic Engineer

ALIASES: The Disruptor, Sonicus

HEIGHT: 5’8”


HAIR: Blonde

EYES: Green

ORIGIN: As a boy, Pinson was playing in an underground sewer during an earthquake. Walls caved in all around him, but he was saved by The Bounder, one of Steelville’s first crimefighters, who heard his cries for help. The mixed feelings he got from the fear of the earthquake and the heroics of The Bounder inspired him to become interested in plate tectonics at an early age. This interest continued into college, where his education emphasized the correlation between soundwaves and their effect upon shifts in the Earth’s crust. Hired by the government right out of college, he became part of a top secret “Johnny Project” in their geological division. His main emphasis was on creating machinery that could use sonic vibrations to break or even melt solid objects. He soon leapt forward as the team leader and invented several sonic weapons that could be used for war, capable of breaking bone simply with sound. One night while working late, an earthquake opened up the ground beneath his research lab, causing him to fall nearly 20 feet. Fire consumed the building above him, all of his sonic weapons and research going up in flames. As he screamed for help, a much older Bounder arrived and saved him. As The Bounder grabbed him and flung him to safety, Pinson pleaded with him to go back in and save his equipment. The Bounder, busy with saving other people, told him that his life was more important than his work. With that, Pinson ran inside, determined to save something from the blaze. By the time he got to the main entrance of the lab, an explosion knocked him backwards. Pinson awoke weeks later in the I.C.U. only to realize he was not only battered and bruised, but also completely deaf. Using his experience in sonic research, he spent the next few months, devising a way to regain his hearing without the traditional hearing aid and vowing to get back at The Bounder for not helping him when he needed it most. He reconstructed most of his sonic weaponry from scratch and integrated it into a makeshift battlesuit. After many unsuccessful attempts at killing The Bounder as the self-proclaimed Disruptor, he was imprisoned and was brutally beaten while in jail, putting him in a coma for several months. Upon awakening, he could not remember who he was and, after his jail term was over, led a seemingly normal life until a strange dream came to him in his sleep. In the dream, he saw himself as an ancient gladiator, destroying everything in his path with the sound of his voice. Once he awoke, he remembered everything about himself and found a storage unit, which housed all of his sonic weapons. Using the moniker Sonicus and dressed in gladiator garb covered in microscopic sonic devices, hidden in his toga, he waged battle against The Bounder once again (as well as his superteam, The Freedom Committee). He was never apprehended again and still remains at large. Recently, he was experimenting with low decibel sound waves and realized that a low enough tone would cause a human being’s bowels to release. He changed his name to Barium Enemy, ditched the toga and, so far, has escaped capture by causing every member of The Freedom Committee to shit their pants during their battle.




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