Friday, August 31, 2007

“Mortimer the Littlest Mortician”

And now an excerpt from the new children’s book “Mortimer the Littlest Mortician”

“Mom, Dad said I can’t stay in the basement. Why?”

“Well, Mortimer sometimes people come in that you shouldn’t see.”

“Like who? I won’t tell anyone.”

It isn’t that you would tell anyone, those types of things are in the paper every week. It might be someone we know from church or school. I don’t even know. You should go up stairs and play a little bit.”

Mortimer conceded and went up the stairs. He was a normal little boy in most regards. Mortimer was six. Unlike most boys of six years he did not like to play with video games, or play sports. He preferred to read or spend time with his father down in the basement. His father was a mortician and Mortimer wanted nothing, but to be just like his dad. Today was odd in that he was sent away from the basement.

Mortimer never got in the way. He was always careful to stay back and to not touch anything that he did not have permission to touch. There were also times when his dad would send him out of the room, but always added a time when he could come back. The fact that there wasn’t a specified return time bothered Mortimer.

If he wasn’t reading a book or in the basement with his father Mort loved to play with Jeffrey. Jeffrey was a strange little boy, also six years of age. He always dressed in all black, and unusually heavy clothing such as black jeans and a black sweatshirt with the hood pulled up. Mortimer thought that maybe he had a skin condition and was embarrassed about it.

As Mortimer went into his room, he saw Jeffrey sitting on this bed playing a Gameboy. Jeffrey snapped it shut and jumped up. “What’s up man?”

“Not much, Jeffrey my dad won’t let me in the basement. He also won’t tell me who is he working on.”

“That sucks Mort. Hey, on the bright side my dad took me to work with him today.”

“Cool! What did you do?”

“We went to visit your teacher!”



Watch for more of Mortimer and Jeffrey’s adventures coming to bookstores soon!




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