Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Hogarth was finally happy, but not for long. Soon he’d realize that his quick fix to his horrible situation would only cause himself more grief.

Soon, he’d realize that the way to solve his problem was not to beat it with his fists until the sweat mixed blood and CK one in a sickeningly sweet aroma of violence and revenge. 

But there’d be time enough for regret. For now, he wanted to bask in his work.

He didn’t want to think of how sick he’d be once he realized the violent monster he’d become. Thoughts flashed briefly, thoughts about how it wasn’t really his fault and how he’d been forced into this. But really, was it that bad? Was it so bad that his only recourse was to beat a man to a pulp with his bare hands? Was anything ever that bad?

Tonight it was.

And as the truth of the situation began to wash over Hoagy, he had two choices: take responsibility of go completely insane.

We all know which one he chose…


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