Monday, September 24, 2007


It was all a joke. All a big lie. There never was a party. They invited him to the old house so that they could embarrass him and tell the entire school about it. Didn’t they know that this was how psychos, killers- that this was how legends were made?

Didn’t they know that he would carry this around with him forever, waiting until the anniversary of this very date so that he could return and kill them each and everyone?

Apparently they didn’t and ten years from now, they’d all be dead. Some of them would actually have happy lives. Others would be drunken divorces or even suffer from spousal abuse. Some would have extraordinary children that would grow up to be great leaders, while others would have kids that were greater embarrassments than anything they could have done to the quiet weird kid from school.

Others would find love so great that it seemed straight from a romance novel- Sweeping tales of love and romance full of rendezvous and mystery. True love, if ever there was true love.

Still, they’d all be dead in ten years time. Probably by knife.


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