Tuesday, October 30, 2007


     He hits hard, you know. Harder than the meanest slap from the girl you cheated on. Harder than the worst bar brawl you’ve ever been in. It’s one hit and if you survive, your entire body, top hair to toe, is black and blue for three days. But on that fourth day, you come back from the brink a new person. They call it the Wakening.
     It’s not a vengeful thing, you understand. Old Testament was mostly fable. If and when he slaps you, you’ll understand immediately what was true in the good book and what wasn’t. Wakening will do that for you. Eyes wider than you ever thought possible.
     Problem is, once you Wake, you’re never going back to sleep. You’ll see the evil in everyone you encounter, from the Crips to the priests. People you respected, those you adored, who you never found fault in, those are the ones you won’t be able to look at the same way again.
     And this is why it’s not the evil who must be punished, but the good. For once the evil of the world gaze down upon the grotesque, backwards atrocities that have befallen the good, they will realize what we are capable of. 
     If the Wakening can break the necks of the weak, are not the strong next?



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