Friday, November 30, 2007

Accident Seen (265)

I was awakened by a loud crash outside the window. Once i was able to catch my breath, i approached the window and peeked out to see if i could figure out what had happened. there, two stories bellow, two cars had collided. i quickly called 911 and waited for them to arrive as i kept watch to see if anyone would crawl from the wreckage. a fe poeple fron the other apartment complex made their way out to try and help. i ket repeating to myself "don't move them- you're not supposed to move them."
eventually the abulance, police, and fire department arrived. they pulled everyone from their individual cars and took them away. i can only assume that since they all departed so quickly, no one was dead- not yet at least. some moments later, a wrecker arrived. the burly driver surveyed the mmess for a while, then used a huge hook on his truck to hoist both cars onto the back of the rig. i guess that it was easier. the cars looked like one big pile of metal at this point- not like two seperate cars.
after watching this little slice of tragic life, i finally forced myself to go back to bed. it was dangerously close to time to be awake, and if i started to think about it too much, i'd never be able to enjoy the couple of hours of sleep i had left.
As I brushed my teeth the next day and stared from the window, i saw people in the distance in what was just like one of the cars from the night before. they just sat there, down the road, as if they were waiting for something. soon, they sped off towards the intersection where the crash had happened last niht, and crashed into another car- a car just like the one from before.
i watched, shocked and confused as the events played out again just like last night. different neighbors came out to check on the saccident- i guess the ones from last night were already at work. the cops, firemen, and ambulances all showed up just like before. it was all happening again, like it was staged. like it was a show. as i watched in stunned silence, i noticed a fireman noti=cing me in the window. he started to say something to the other firemen, then to the cops, and the firemen- even to the victims of the crash. soon, they were all looking in my direction. and then they were all startig towards my apartment. the neighbors that had run out to see/help stood around confused as everyone involved in the accident started up the stairs towards my apartment.
I don't think i was supposed to see this- twice.


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