Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Float On! From the files of Hoovercraft Squad Alpha Chapter 18- Freckles (266)

She came over to be Photograohed and I met her at the door with a Space-scotch. the floor in my kitchen was excellent, so i had her lay down and spread out her hair. i straddled her with the camera and took a few shots. they were nice, but they weren't what i wanted. i needed her to blush. i began to ask her innocent questions about sex, becoming more graphic as the time went on. soon, her head was beet red. this was what i wanted. Tomorrow, i'd be in Alpha-Squad command prepping my team for a seige on the octopus king of Venus- Sending wave after of wave of fresh faced young recruits into what would be their first and possibly last mission as Hover pilots. it was a shitty situation brought on by a planet president that had never even been on a hovercraft, let alone served on a hovercraft squad. One recruit, I call her Freckles, she couldn't be any older than 18. grew up on a farm and always dreamed of Hovering. all she talks about is taking down the heathens of space and spreading the good world from the unified Planet of America. stupid kid. she'll probably die out there in the cold of space. she may not make even make it to Venus. But tonight? I was gonna give a young freckled lady with an underbite and a thick, soft, and sexy ass cleavage the ride of her life.
See you in hell, cadets.


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