Tuesday, November 27, 2007


     Cold. Stinging cold. Vigil is a bitch. I always thought perching up on rooftops would be a little slice of badass. That’s the way the comic books painted it anyway. Then again, I don’t remember seeing any of those tight-wearing faggots doing this kind of shit in the dead of winter either. Or in Alaska, for that matter. Why I took this assignment, I’ll never know. Anything to get away from Steelville. I bet Silver Maiden’s having a great time without me around. Jesus, I created a monster. Never thought she’d be in my line of work, but I guess the female mind is capable of anything. Divorce’ll be going through soon and then she can fuck any of those crimefighting douchebags she wants. Lurker, Red Razor, for all I care. I do kind of miss her though. Wonder if she’ll stay the Silver Maiden? Could I sue her for that name? It’s based on mine, so why not? Aw, who cares, right? At least we’re done. That’s all I give a shit about really.
     C’mon, you fucking dillholes! If you say you’re going to hit this freighter, you should have the common decency to be prompt. Fucking tip was probably bullshit anyway. You just can’t trust Eskimos. Hell, I’m giving them one more hour, then it’s Alaska Blue’s problem.
     I wish I’d brought a book.



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