Saturday, November 24, 2007


"And if you think that Moz is gonna’ let you do this, yer’ outta’ yer’ ever-lovin’ mind!"

Moz always spoke about himself in first person. We never knew why he did it and, honestly, we never questioned why. He might not have been the smartest, but he was the muscle behind the team and we always needed him. This eight-foot mass of bluetone bulk had no brains, but a heart that he wore on his sleeve. When he got upset, shit got broken. Unfortunately, this was one of those times.

He tromped off, leaving huge footprints in the metal floor. Yeah, this was bad.

We followed the footprints to exactly where we were afraid they would end: the Causeway, an inter-dimensional tunnel that led to the place where we’d originally found him, battled him and eventually gone back to in order to ask him to join the team.

His tantrum earlier was spawned by our vote to close the Causeway permanently, which would potentially seal off Moz’s world from ours forever. Too many weird things had escaped from his universe, things we couldn’t beat, regardless of the futuristic technology we’d built. This was the only way. It was a 6 to 1 vote. You can guess which team member voted to keep it open.

With my hand on the red lever, I tossed his Tet-7 badge into the tunnel.

"Good-bye, my friend," I said as I pulled down hard. With a bright, blue flash of light, the Causeway collapsed inward until it was only a tiny dot that soon faded away.



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