Thursday, November 29, 2007

Joe walked out of the building

Joe walked out of the building, and looked into the sky. Dark grey and it was only two in the afternoon. It will rain for sure, and he hadn’t brought an umbrella. He told himself that he should have grabbed an umbrella before he left the house this morning.
“Who takes an umbrella to an interview?” he asked himself. It wasn’t supposed to rain so why had he thought about it this morning? It was another thought that popped in his head just like the one that popped in his head about the interview he just left. He screwed up. They won’t call him back. Once again stuck in his crappy dead end job. It was a tangle of problems. Left a job that would have given him experience for an unrelated job with more money. Because he settled in the job with more money he got comfortable and lazy. He wasn’t motivated. There were no reasons to stretch out and work for anything. Now that he wants a job that interests him, no one wants him because of his lack of experience.
“Wait, gotta a feeling again. Don’t cross the road here,” he said as he grabbed a woman who was about to step into the road. He turned, and walked down the street. A car swerved through the intersection, and smashed into another car stopped at the red light.
“Right again,” Joe said as he walked down the street. “I hate being right.”


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