Saturday, December 29, 2007


Minka retired from porn at the ripe old age of 44.
she decided that there was nothing new that she, a Vietnamese with 52 mmm breasts could offer the world. she had always flirted with the idea of having kids, but she'd have to get her implants removed to do that.
so Minka began to write.
the ideas came to her fast, and she could hardly get them onto paper fast enough. though her English was atrocious, the words that she transcribed were horribly beautiful and full of vivid detail and haunting prose.
when she was done, she had thousands of pages of material.
it had only taken her a week. she immediately slit her wrists and let her blood pour our aver the pages, and it's descriptions of a dark force in a dark place hidden somewhere in Alabama...
as her life slipped from her, she could hear the nameless doom of the ancient gods of gods calling for her soul.
one final whisper left her lips as she slipped into the abyss of the unpronouncables...


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