Friday, December 28, 2007


Killjoy stands in the middle of a wheat field. A half second ago, he was in the Timekeeper’s lab staring down the business end of his personal TimeJump Door. Now, Killjoy’s not sure where or when he is. The one thing he does know is what he plans on doing now that he’s at least a hundred years in the past. He sets his bag down into the blowing wheat.

"Jesus, God," he says to himself, taking in the miles and miles of land before him. "Hello-ooooo," he shouts. The echo of his voice bounces off a distant plateau and hits his ear after a full ten seconds. "Jesus, God," he says once again.

A storm cloud rolls over the vacant prairie as Killjoy begins to quickly unpack his bag. Twin glocks, several pounds of ammo, a tazer, Kevlar vest, sawed-off shotgun, watermelon Mike ‘n’ Ike’s. These are the tools that he will use to change history. These and list of last names scrawled onto a sheet of loose leaf in his vest pocket. Seven names with attached genealogical family trees that link to each member of the Freedom Committee, his arch enemies in present times. When he’s done with this past wasteland, there will be no more heroes in the future. That is if he doesn’t run out of Mike ‘n’ Ike’s.



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