Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Santa and the dunken bar fight with Jack frost

“One more round for everybody! After that I gotta get home,” Santa cried out as he sloshed his beer in the face of man dressed all in white. “Pardon me sir, we had a great run this year. Let me get you something.”
“The only thing you can get me is to get lost!” The man in white said as he twirled a pool cue over his head, and smacked Santa in the head. “You can’t ask Frost to get lost! The names Jack, Jack Frost.” Jack Frost says this and smacks Santa in the face with the pool cue again. Santa flies through the air, lands on a pool table, and his beer mug shatters on the table.
Jack circles the table knocking his arms out from under him as he tries to right himself. “I saw you when you were crying about your daddy. I guess you could say it was my fault your dad was in that freak snow blower accident. I didn’t think you were old enough to take over the gig, but you showed me wrong. You took over the reigns at a very young age. I have a feeling that if I am going to take over I need to take things into my hands all over again.”
While Jack was talking Santa slid his hand around the cue ball. “You killed my father!” Santa roared as he swung the cue ball at Jack’s head. They connect with a satisfying crack. Jack wheels backward. His head began pouring blood all over his white jacket.
“Yes, I did, and now I will kill you,” Jack Frost said as he advanced with his pool cue.


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