Monday, December 24, 2007

Santa and the candy coated Trixie

“Santa can you come see something I have?” Candy called out over the street noise in front of Candy’s Sweetly Coated Treats Candy Shop that she ran at the North Pole.
“Do you need anything Candy? We are loading everything up, and Herbert in accounting miscalculated our budge for double A batteries,” Santa said as he walked into the Candy Shop.
“How bad is it?” She asked as she handed him a wrapped package.
“It looks like Mississippi and Rhode Island are without Double A’s unless we figure something out. What is this?”
“A new sweet I think I have perfected. Not ready for this year obviously, but next I think the kids will be all over it.”
Santa opened the package, and took out a small clear candy that seemed to sparkle and shine internally. “This is a little different for you isn’t it? It doesn’t seem to be coated with anything.” He popped it into his mouth, and started to grin almost instantly.
“Well, the coating is on the inside.”
“Wow, I love it!” Santa licks his fingers, pulls out another, and pops it into his mouth. “See what we need to do to have these in mass production next year. Gotta run!”
Candy watches as Santa leaves, and wishes that she didn’t have to do it. If only Jack didn’t have her kids. She hopes that he will be all right tonight. It is almost Christmas Eve.


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