Tuesday, December 25, 2007


The concept of an all-sidekick team seemed like the perfect photo-opp. The Freedom Committee felt like they needed to dedicate more time to the core team, leaving most of their pre-pubescent partners with more time to fight crime alone. So the Committee decided to set aside the old Buscema Country Club for the new sidekick team, the Liberteens. Their first adventure ended positively enough, trouncing the Contrary’s Backward Maze, something the Freedom Committee had never accomplished. A key to the city of Steelville was given to the Liberteens and Mayor Giffen even declared declared August 9th "Liberteen Day." By their second assignment, tensions between the team leader, Bounder Boy, and the team’s loose cannon, Kid Razor, were growing. It seriously affected their performance against the Army of Evil’s sidekick team, the Shadowboys. Second time out of the gate, the Liberteens seemed to be doing rather well until the Army of Evil detonated a bomb that had been connected to the Shadowboys’ compound. The Army of Evil apparently had no problem killing off their sidekicks as long as it meant killing off the Freedom Committee’s. The only survivor of the blast was Kid Razor, who everyone knows now as Red Razor, Steeville’s most famous anti-hero. Knowing his history, it’s no wonder he ended up as sorry an example as he did.



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