Monday, December 24, 2007


Jive mutherfucker! You jive mutherfucker! You bring that crazy shit into my place? Into my bar? That’s plain funk is what that is!

Otha, don’t be that way, man.

Don’t Otha me! Don’t fucking Otha me! How long I known you, Mandre? How long?

I don’t know. Shit. Four years?

Ten years, Mandre, ten years! And in those ten years have I ever kicked you outta’ my place?

No. Never.

Well, there’s a first time for everything, I guess. Get your jive ass outta’ my bar!

Otha, wait!

Don’t make me get my Louisville, ‘cause right now I got no qualms about crackin’ your damn skull open!

No! Wait! I gotta’ explain this! Lemme’ explain it first and then I’ll go quietly. I promise.

You got one minute.

This life. Your life, my life. They’re shadows now. What we know as real is just a thin surface of what’s really there underneath. Some serious shit has just come to light. Shit I didn’t even want to know, I’ll tell you that. Everthing you and I know. Wives, kids, fucking dogs are fakes.

Alright, your minute’s almost up, Mandre. I’m getting’ the bat.

Otha, it’s just you and me, man. If you cave my head in, you’ll be the only one left. And then you’ll never know the truth.

Shit, Mandre. You better be glad we got history. Whatcha’ want me to do?

We start by boarding up the Late Nite.

You ain’t exactly convincin’ me here.

This’ll be homebase. Once it’s secure, boom-boom, out go the lights.



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