Thursday, December 27, 2007


At the Three Sons Halal Market, there was a meeting of the minds last night. The owner, Mohammed, started the ball rolling by cursing the American infidels for invading his home country. His brother, Sadij, seemed to feel the same about the American infidels, but expressed his concern over the double standard of feeling this way while thriving in the American marketplace thanks to American subsidies. The second Mohammed in the room disagreed with the first Mohammed’s statement and the third Mohammed agreed with the second. The fourth Mohammed secretly planned on beating his wife when he got home and decided to work it into the conversation, despite the fact that he felt a little weird about discussing it with the other Mohammeds and Sadij. On that topic, Sadij had nothing of worth to contribute since he was the only one in the group that had never beat his wife. None of the Mohammeds were aware of this however. By the end of the night, as usual, no real problems had been resolved, but the third Mohammed’s penchant for the newly-designed Zero bar had come to light and Sadij had realized that he no longer had anything in common with any of the Mohammeds. As American as he felt, he truly hated Zero bars.



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