Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Snakey McFakey Strikes Again (212)

Hal from accounting walked the same way to work everyday- down Maple, across the park, then right up front to the Parliament Mutual Life Insurance processing branch.
today would be different, though.
today he'd be attacked by a six foot and three inch long snake.
as soon as Hal entered the park, i slithered along- following him but keeping hidden.
my snaking sense told me that now was the time to attack.
i leaped from the bushes and hit Hal with a stick.
i tried to yell "Ssssss", but it's very difficult to yell.
once i'd hit him with a stick, i tried to constrict him with my superior Snake like muscles.
"What the hell, man!?" Hal yelled.
"You're getting you're pee-pee allover my work pants!"
he kicked at me, and fled the rest of the way.
i decided to skip work.


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