Monday, February 18, 2008


Dr. Giggolo is quite possibly the nastiest villain you’ll ever encounter.  And that’s saying a helluva’ lot.  There’s some sick fucks out there.  Skineater?  That’s one direction of nasty, I guess.  Dr. Giggolo doesn’t like the taste of human flesh or anything.  He’s just a fat, nasty shitbag.  And he’s constantly surrounded by these super-hot, sex kittens.  His bodyguards, the Cooze Guard.  Probably the most deadly thing about this degenerate is his back-up.  Sad, really.  He’s all show, that douchebag.  Dressed up like a dirtier version of Larry Flynt, except with a Lone Ranger mask.  Talk about a poorly thought-out concept for a supervillain.  The only reason these half-naked chics hang around him is because they’re on the payroll.  Yeah, his dad invented edible condoms.  Figures, huh?  Still, if you find yourself up against Dr. Giggolo, make sure you’re bringing you’re a-game.  That Cooze Guard don’t play.  No!  He’s a real doctor.



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