Sunday, February 10, 2008

Grown-up Friends (193)

I sat there trying to think of something to say that would still utilize the smallest bit of tact, but the bile was boiling within me.
she was had an interesting look- her hair was stringy and thin, her eyes were pink and bloodshot, her breasts were uneven, snd her feet resembled those of the creature that rested between the evolution of lizard to turkey.
there were times when i'd convinced myself thhat she'd cleaned up well, but in hindsight it was mainly based on the fact that i loved to see erect nipples, and her's nearly always were.
she could be vindictive and petty, often maintaining angry silence if she'd lost an argument until she could find some sort of weak proof of her point online.
at this point, she'd print out and mail the proof to me, never realizing that the only reason there had been an argument was because i liked heated discussion.
other times i'd try to have serious conversations with her and she'd do nothing but crackwise, or try to at least.
she was not a clever woman.
a great deal of our conversations were about various sexual exploits she'd had over the last 20 or so years, and they all seemed to end with her nearly choking on semen.
many times i'd have to remind her that i was not her girlfriend when she'd begin to go on about her period, shaving her bush, or the insane cost of vibrators.
eventually though i got tired of arging with her about non-topics and listening to her gossip and complain about the women at work that she was clearly jealous of.
so i sat there and decided to say nothing, hoping that she'd do the same.
whatever we had had had run it's course and i had gained nothing from it except for the occasional spiteful masturbation fodder.
maybe one day she'll find what she's looking for.
i doubt it, though.


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