Wednesday, March 26, 2008


The Whimsipals set out on their last mission.  Their second-to-last, “The Case of the Secret Scarab,” didn’t have the closure that Kenny Filbert usually needed and, since he’s already decided on splitting up the team, it seemed normal to do it with a bang.  They’d been in over 100 adventures together over the years.  “The Mystery of the Haunted Tiki,” “The Secret of the Floating Scepter,” “The Case of the Crying Banshee,” the list went on and on.  But lately, the casefiles had been empty, and after the Secret Scarab was found to be a hoax, it appeared the well was dry.  So, Kenny did what he’d always done when things looked grim.  He invented a case.  And this time, this last case would be one that even Petey, the dum-dum of the team, couldn’t mess up.  To think that their last adventure as the Whimsipals would start with such a violent beginning and end with Kenny as the last boy standing.



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