Tuesday, March 25, 2008


The minute I start throwing rocks back at the kids who are throwing them at me, is when the cops get involved.  These kids had been chasing me on their bikes for hours.  It started near the power lines, outside of town, new that long stretch of 24-7.  I took several of them down around the old theatre, a place I remember “going up” onstage once.  Lines went straight out of my head.  The production was pretty shoddy anyway.  My heart wasn’t in it.  But I took down at least three of those little bastards from the gutted lobby.  It seemed to scare them away for a while.  Then, the cops go involved.  I yelled to them from inside the theatre that I had a hostage.  It’s really turned into something more than I ever thought it would.  Jeez, what show did I do here?  Some of the set pieces are still up.  It’s like they just closed this place up without bothering to empty it.  Oh, what did the marquee say?  If I can fill in the missing letters, I’ll figure it out.  It was so long ago.



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