Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I kind of like being the non-threatening male.  It's nor like I don't think about these things, I simply don't act on them.  Oh, I'm a pervert.  Sure.  But in any given room, I'm the least threatening guy in it.  And I honestly take odd pleasure in this fact.  The fact that I don't ogle every woman who walks by.  Well, not when they're paying attention.  But this non-threatening guise has a price.  I've lost women because I wasn't forceful enough.  Not enough of a "man," they would say.  They wanted it all, those skags.  They wanted the absolute pussy, but they wanted that guy who takes the reins.  I'm working on becoming that guy.

She'll never take me back.  I just have to admit it.

The hum in my left ear is lower now.  And it's been going on far longer than I previously thought.



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