Friday, April 25, 2008


Tell me again why we have to end the Brady Bunch video game with “The Land ‘O’ Suds.”  I studied this shitty series in and out to develop this game.  Bought every season on DVD.  The episode where Bobby floods the house with detergent is towards the end of the series, sure.  But not the tail end.  If we’re going to end this thing, like a really tough, final stage, Cousin Oliver should be the last boss enemy dressed in a gaudy 1930’s outfit, complete with the dumb, oversized bow and straw top hat.  I mean, he’s the one who came in and put the nail in the coffin.  Why not have him be the grim reaper at the end of the game?  The puppet master.

That’s just me.  The fucking game developer, okay?  Only the guy who’s going all the math on this shit project, right?  Shouldn’t be my call, but still.  This kind of shit should’ve been worked out well before it got to me.  Way back in the planning stages.  By someone who actually knows the damn chronology of this stupid show.  One of you geeks!

But, hey, as I said, I’m just the guy doing all the work on this fucking abortion of a game idea that nobody’s going to buy.  Just sign my check already.




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