Saturday, April 5, 2008


Jalopy was quite possibly the very first "super" hero in this town, if not in the whole world.  Sure, there were jackinapes gallavanting around in goofy outfits, claiming they were superheroes, but Jalopy was the first one that I know of who actually had super powers.  His legs could transform into a set of T-Model Ford tires.  It looked even more bizarre than it sounds.  He'd hit a top speed of 35 mph to apprehend a purse-snatcher.  And that was considered light speed back in the 1930's.  He outlived many of his arch-nemesis's.  Miss Anthrope, the Bombadier, the Green Fury, a slew of others who either died or retired after they realized that Jalopy was on their asses.  Jalopy careened in and out of these Steelville streets for more than 40 years, even after his speed was considered a snail's pace.  He was relegated to monitor duty once his street worth was considered sub-par and even took an executive position in the FTC towards the end of his life.

Jalopy was a good man and one Hell of a crimefighter.  He will be missed.



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