Wednesday, April 2, 2008


It’s ladies night, you trollops.  Shave your legs and tighten up your pride.  All stores are open in this confined, user-friendly, non-smoking, shopping village.  “Fuck Me Pumps” doors will stay open late for your convenience.  You’ll find a plethora of bargains at “Traveling Menstrals.”  Take an additional 50% off of every implement at “Buzz Love,” your one-stop store of feminine orgasmic pleasure.  Leave the hubby at home, for tonight the world is splayed open for just the girls.  There will be a “Who’s Sexier” contest at 11, so make sure to wear your most revealing top.  Show ‘em off!  Why not?  You showing it here will only gain you praise and the jealousy of your peers.  No gawking pigs allowed tonight!  No, ma’am!  Bananas will be handed out at the door so that you can show everyone your favorite technique.  Live, ladies, live!  Ladies night will be your time to shine!



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