Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I went to see a comedian tonight. he seemed like a nice fellow, and i really appreciated his observations on how I'm different than white people and vice verse, but ultimately i just thought about my sister a lot. i thought about how when she was a baby she used to sing songs about butter and whistle like a bird. she doesn't remember any of that.
one year for Christmas she got a karaoke machine. i yelled at her every time she tried to sing. i think about this now, and it makes me sad. i couldn't let her be happy, and honestly, i don't know why. but we're adults now and things are okay. still, though, i fell bad for taking my unhappiness put on her. the comedian is saying something about pussy, so i have to quickly change my thoughts- you don't want to think about pussy and your sister at the same time.


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