Saturday, March 29, 2008


Well, i guess no one can ever say i never stole the moon.

We're not stealing it, we're borrowing it. besides, if there really is a treasure buried deep beneath the moon's crust, then we have to find it.

What if the mason's find us before we get the moon back in place?

there are only two people that know how to translate the map left on the flag planted here by the original moon walkers.

And they are?

Charles Manson and Rutherford B. Hayes.

Well, i know who I'd rather deal with.

I'm with you there, Riley. Are the stone keys in place?

They are.

Then let's do this.

Ben, if you'd told me three days ago that I'd be stealing the moon and using its secret time traveling capabilities in order to go back into time and find a map to the a treasure buried deep within that very same moon...


i can't say I'd have been too surprised.

Then, Let's go!!!


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