Friday, March 28, 2008


Mao Dada Mao needs to be taken down.  That’s why you four are here.  I’m crowning you Red Ops.  Now, we’re not going through normal parameters on this one, so it’s all double-hush stuff.  You don’t tell any of the Committee about this.  If any of them ask questions or start to get wise, you tell them you “broke a nail” and they’ll read between the lines.  You’ll be pulled from the Committee roster when the time is right.  You won’t be missed, trust me.  That’s why we have such a large corps of reserves.  

As you know, Mao has reeked surrealistic havoc in his home country, a pocket of China now known as Drone Nexus-Prime.  Drone is where he currently resides as far as we know.  Last intell we got from the inside reported shit that we still can’t figure out.  Out mole went rogue and is still in there somewhere, driven out of his mind from the things he’s seen.  This place is about as mad as a hatter.  Real topsy-turvy stuff.

Anyway, here’s the message we got on the horn three days ago:

“I don’t wanna’ be a part of the flea circus anymore, Dongo.  If you were here, you’d know the dark rotisseria.  Pack my suitcases full of weeds and turn them over to my grandfather.  From here on in, you’ll refer to me by my shadow name, Kapha Chisel Post-Op.  I’ve gotta’ go now.  Suspension ape Oslo.  The head locust needs my full attention.  Good night, Levy.”

Sad, too, because he was one of our best.  But I don’t mind shitting down his neck once you guys rip his head off.  Just promise me two things.  Promise me you’ll find out who Levy is and promise me you won’t be gentle.



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