Friday, March 28, 2008

Bloody Thumb Slap Love Punch

Most cultures have folklore that attempt to describe complex
subjects. Tonight we explore a little known subset that believe a
magical martial art move can render a person deeply in love with the
deliverer of the punch.
Deep in southern Alabama during the Civil War unrest among the slave
population caused new workers to be imported from China. With these
Chinese workers came martial arts from the east. One hundred years
later, the Chinese had assimilated into the Voodoo and Cajun cultures,
and a new terrifying religion/martial art arose.
At the heart of this new culture was a move so terrifying that the
master sensei would only teach it if they had proven that they could
control their emotions against anything. If he learned that one of his
pupils had mistreated they power they were given he took their life.
The move was so powerful he decided he would no longer show anyone
how to accomplish a correct Bloody Thumb Slap Love Punch. Also, to
prevent any past pupils from sharing the secret he hunted every one of
them down and killed them.


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