Wednesday, March 26, 2008

National Treasure Fan-fic! (148)

ring ring!


hey! Ben, it's Riley.

oh, hey Riley. What's up?

Nothing. i was just wondering if you saw the news...

yeah, i did. it looks like the president was an impostor the entire time.

yeah, implanted by the masons so they could use the real president to go after the lost city of Atlantic, i expect.

Riley, there is no such thing as-

-The city of Atlantis, i know. except how do you explain those photographs i sent you?

Hold on. I'll get them. hmmm, well, they look like Aeriel photos of the Atlantic ocean.

yeah, now hold them up to the light-


not any light, find a red light bulb.

i have one here in the kitchen- Ow!

Ben! what happened!

Ninjas hit me and took the photographs!


looks like you're onto something, Riley.

Well, I need you, Ben. what do we do now?

I'll tell you. we need to kidnap folk Troubadour Donovan and steal the space shuttle.

I'm in!


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