Friday, April 25, 2008

Midnight Oil (118)

I don't know why it happened.
i was sitting there at the 7th hour of my 11 hour shift, wanting to go home, wanting to get laid, eat, and sleep and not in that order, and i was suddenly overwhelmed by the urge to learn more about midnight Oil.
i don't know where it came from. My brain had run one of it's magical split second tangents because i was listening to the 80's station at work. and there it was-
"I want to hear more Midnight Oil."
I didn't know anything about them. There was a bald guy, a video where he stood on a building like predator II, possibly a video in a desert or on a mountain, and a cool reverb of harmonica in one song.
thats all the clues i had to start with.


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