Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Trash (113)

They could only be aroused by the sight of fresh trash.
garbage water got them hot, and eggshells drove them wild.
doggy shit wrapped neatly in a plastic shopping bag made them cum, and a hot dog made them lose control.
they frolicked in it, defiled each other in it, and inserted whatever they could find into each other as often as possible.
It was a rough film to watch, but we sat it out.
i was slightly turned on when Jennifer Tilly frigged herself with a used vacuum bag.
Sam said he dug the orgy on the recreation of the Sandford and Son set.
there had been 26 of us at the start, but by the end only Sam and i remained.
We would tell people about the original and disturbing film we'd seen, but they wouldn't listen.
years later, a man would make a film about obvious racial discord in Dakota, and call it Trash.
it would win and Oscar.
There is no justice.


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