Sunday, May 25, 2008


I'm the new action figure that yo daddy didn't get you.
I stole your bike, so i'm the reason that he hit you.
i'm the reason your girl didn't scream the first time,
you thought you were the first to get in that behind.
i'm the lucky number ticket Fred sold to Lamont
I'm the other brother Daryl from that inn in vermont
i'm the one that suggested the random drug srceening
and i'm the one tht called the cops when i heard your wife screamin'
cause you lost you job, cause you couldn't compete
cause your rhymes are so weak and you got no beat
i'm mister whitendale tearing up your lease
i'm the little old lady asking where's the beef
i'm that fucka in the alley that you never see coming,
taking care of orphaned niggas like my name was mister Drummond


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