Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Kid Adventures

"Pit, throw me the amulet!" Angela yelled across the chasm.
"No! I can make the jump!" Pit yelled back. He took two steps
backward and shot forward. Just as his foot left the ledge, the
snipers opened fire again. One of the shots caught him in the
shoulder, and it spun him around.
Angela screeched, and reached for her kid brother. She always thought
of him as her kid brother even though she was only ten minutes older.
"I got you," she called out. She pulled him up and started patting his
jacket where she saw him take the bullet asking, "How bad is it?
"Not bad at all," he said as he slid the amulet out of his jacket
pocket that had a slug attached to its side. "Let's go save Granpa!"


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