Thursday, May 29, 2008


                White gates.  From the vantage point of the Explorer on the East Bank, it was obvious that the place was decked out, $10 million on the low end.  Basketball court, pool, servant’s quarters fashioned out of the stables.  “Lush” wouldn’t even come close to describe the place.

            Explorer headlights blinked twice.  Blanco and Umbra were over the gates so fast in the warm night, it was like it never even happened.  Perimeter lights clicked on, shining a stinging glare onto the gazebo.  The sprinkler system started up.

            Bellropes and Hula hit the main power line and that’s when it got scary.  The whole place immediately lit up like the 4th of July with ultralight.  Power course from the outside had trumped us.

            Explorer headlights blinked twice again.  A pack of dogs screamed at the guys in the perimeter, who froze once the ultralight hit them.  Blanco and Bellropes never made it out of there.  God only knowns what happened.  Haven’t heard from them since.

            Hula got ripped up something awful from the dogs and Umbra took one for the team when several thugs came along and beat him down with retractable clubs.

            All we wanted was our ball back.



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