Wednesday, May 28, 2008


The kids of the F+ Crew hung out and smoked near the Jack Horner Subs drive-thru.  They each held a Jack Horner cup, which they dumped liberal amounts of Nighthawk whiskey into.  This was as much of a tribute as they could muster. 

Cheri blew smoke from her mouth between sips.  The silver smoke sifted back into her tight poodle perm.  Of the whole Crew, she was hit the hardest. 

A news copter fluttered overhead and Rim Dawg make it his business to flip them off as a Cadet cigarette dangled from his lip.  He shoved his pants down lower as he passed the Cadet over to Darbs.

Darbs had all the charm of a snakepit and the element of a fallen leader hadn’t helped any.  She loathed Rim Dawg, but took the cigarette anyway.  Darbs ignored the chpper overhead and cut in front of an oncoming car to slip over to the drive-thru window.  She pulled a spray paint can from the pocket of her Bye-Bye Bunny hoodie.  Cheri and Rim Dawg seemed unphased as Darbs tagged “F+” on the window.  She dropped the can into a Jack Horner dumpster on the way back to meet up with the other F+’s.  She’d been seen doing it, but she didn’t care.

Their leader was in a hospital somewhere and jail couldn’t be nearly as bad as not being able to go see T-Roy.




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