Friday, July 4, 2008


Our subject tonight is fish.  We’re making a film where the fish is supposed to be the star.  All the suggestions seem valid at the time when we’re constructing possible plotlines.  Should the fish be some costumed crime fighter?  Should we make it such a focal point or should it be more understated?  Are these questions even valid? 

When all is said and done, our film ranks within the top three in the competition.  And all because we had the lead actor getting completely, head-over-heels gay with a wide-mouthed bass, fucking it, using it as a portable glory hole and more or less breaking the lesser known Commandments.  It ends as only it could, heading down a massive shame spiral.  He essentially eats the fish he lost his virginity to.  A fish that, in a roundabout way, doomed his soul to Hell. 

Like I said, we place within the top three, snagging “Audience Favorite” among other accolades. 

Audiences are fucking idiots.



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